Tofu Scramble

Today on the blog is a breakfast favorite of mine. 
It’s filling and tasty. Something to keep you going on those long days! Not to mention it takes only a little bit to prepare.. you know, for those of us that struggle with time management in the morning.. 

Tofu Scramble!!! 

This is a super versatile recipe: choose and add veggies to your delight… this recipe is my personal favorites. 
My recipe: 

  • firm, sprouted tofu 
  • local dinosaur kale 
  • cherry tomatoes 
  • avocado 
  • Original La Onda almond dip 

Begin by cubing your tofu. When finished, cover with a paper towel and plate to soak up access water. 
Let sit for 15 min. 

Add 2 tbs of coconut oil to a medium sized pan. Let the oil heat. 

Add your tofu cubes and ALL veggies. 

Since veggies typically take longer to cook, I add everything at the same time. 

While continuing to stir-fry around, break up your tofu to create the “scramble” affect. 

When thoroughly cooked, turn down your heat and add 4 tbs of your favorite La Onda sauce. It’s super yummy when it begins to brown! 
And there you have it! Plant power to fuel your day! 


La Onda 


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